1975 First - Prudential World Cup Cricket

Prudential World Cup Trophy
 First cricket world cup (1975 Prudential Cup) was held from June 7, 1975 to June 21, 1975.

Eight countries participated in this event. Prudential Assurance Company sponsered this event, so it was Prudential Cup 1975. In beginning matches were played in two groups of 4 each. Top two teams in each group played semifinals and whose winners of semifinals played the finals match of the world cup.

West Indies and Australia were in final match. West Indies scored 291 runs lost of 8 wicket with the help of Clive Llyod 102 runs while Australia scored only 274 with help of highest score Ian Chappel 62 runs. West Indies won First Cricket world cup, 1975 (Prudential Cup) by 17 runs. Clive Llyod was the man of the match in the final match of first cricket world cup.

Winners of 1975 World Cup - West Indies team

Highlights of 1979 World Cup Cricket

  • Vivian Richards was the man of the series in the first cricket world cup, 1975.
  • Glenn Turner was the highest scorer (333 run) in the first world cup tournament.
  • Gary Gilmour was the highest wicket taker bowler (11 wickets) in the first cricket world cup, 1975.
  • Eight countries with two groups participated in this event.
    • Group - A
      • East Africa
      • England (Hosts)
      • India
      • New Zealand
    • Group - B
      • Australia
      • Pakistan
      • Sri Lanka
      • West Indies
  • Total 15 match played in this tournament.
  • The matches were played as 60 overs per team in traditional white clothing and with red balls. They
  • India won only one match against East Africa with 10 ten wickets.
  • England scored 334 runs against India, lost of 4 wickets in 60 overs with help of DL Amiss score 137 from 147 balls, it was the first century in the cricket world cup.
  • Indian legend Sunil manohar Gavaskar scored 36 runs of 174 balls in 60 overs with only one four hits in this innings.
  • West Indies was winner of First Cricket World Cup 1975.

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