How to calculate Net Run Rat (NRR) in Cricket?

Net Run Rate (NRR) has become the preferred method of breaking ties in multi-team One Day International tournaments. A team’s run rate refers to the rate at which it has scored its runs

Before going to calculate you need to understand Run Rate.

Definition of Run Rate

A team’s run rate refers to the rate at which it has scored its runs.

Let us suppose, if India scores 287 runs in its allotted 50 overs in a match against Pakistan, now India’s run rate is = 287 divided by 50 = 5.74 runs per over.

Note: The number of wickets is inconsequential in all Run Rate and Net Run Rate Calculations.

Definition of Net Run Rate

A team’s Net Run Rate is the difference of its Run Rate and that of the opposing team. Continuing with the same example as above, suppose Pakistan scores 274 runs in its reply to India’s 287.

India’s NRR = India’s Run Rate – Pakistan’s Run Rate

India’s run rate = 287/50 = 5.74
Pakistan’s run rate = 274/50 = 5.48

Now India’s Net Run Rate is 5.74-5.48 = +0.26
Pakistan’s Net Run Rate is 5.48-5.74 = -0.26

Note: Even if a team gets bowled out in 48 overs or anything less than its allotted number of overs, its Run Rate will still be calculated assuming it had played 50 overs.

However, when a team chases and wins the match, then the winning team’s Run Rate is calculated based on the exact number of overs it had played.

For instance, if Pakistan had won the match by scoring 288 runs in 48.3 overs, then this is how the calculation would proceed:

India’s run rate = 287/50 = 5.74
Pakistan’s Run Rate = 288/48.3 = 5.93

India’s Net Run Rate is 5.74 - 5.93 = -0.19
Pakistan’s Net Run Rate is 5.93 - 5.74 = +0.19

Note: This is a common mistake which people tend to back when calculating Net Run Rate in cricket. In the above example, to calculate Pakistan’s Net Run Rate I divided 288 by 48.5 and not by 48.3. Why? An over in cricket consists of 6 balls so 3 balls mean half an over or 0.5 over.

Things get complicated over multiple matches and tournaments such as World Cup or IPL. So what we will first try to do is define the required calculation. Once you understand this fundamentally, then it is only about calculating.

A team’s Run Rate in a tournament = Total runs scored by the Team divided by the Total number of overs played by the team

A team’s Net Run Rate in a tournament = (Total runs scored by the team divided by the total number of overs played by the team) – (Same calculation for its opposing teams)

Caution: If a team has played 14 matches, its Net Run Rate will not necessarily be equal to the sum total of the Net Run Rates of its individual matches. So don’t be tempted to do that, and strictly use the formula given above.

Let’s close this discussion with a final example of an ODI tri series tournament scenario:

Match-1: India Vs Australia
India: 300/7, Australia: 280/8

Match-2: Austarlia Vs South Africa
Australia: 232 all out (17.3 overs), South Africa: 233/3 in 16 overs

Match-3: India Vs South Africa (rain curtailed match, allotted overs 45 each)
India: 250/4, South Africa 240 all out

Then to calculate India’s Net Run Rate follow these steps:
  1. Total number of runs scored by India = 300+250 = 550
  2. Total number of over played by India = 50+45 = 95
  3. Overall Run Rate of India = 550/95 = 5.79 runs per over
  4. Total number of runs scored by India’s opposition teams = 280 + 240 = 520 runs
  5. Total number of overs played by opposition teams = 50 + 45 = 95 overs
  6. Run Rate of India’s opposing teams = 520/95 = 5.47
  7. Now, India’s Net Run Rate = 5.79 – 5.47 = + 0.32 runs per over

Similarly, you can calculate the Net Run Rates of


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