Benson and Hedges World Cup - 1992

Imran Khan with 1992 Cricket World Cup
The fifth edition of Cricket World Cup also known as the Benson and Hedges World Cup in 1992 was jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The mega tournament was held between February 22 and March 25, 1992

The 1992 Cricket World Cup witnessed several changes in the tournament format as well as cricketing ideologies. This World Cup can be described as the start of the modern day slam-bang one-day cricket. Cricket teams started thinking and playing differently, thus leading to an increase in competitiveness. It was the first World Cup to introduce the concept of day and night matches.

The 1992 edition was the first in the history of Cricket World Cup to use white cricket balls and colored team uniforms. Until then, red balls and white colored uniforms had been used for the tournament. This event also saw the introduction of a new system to calculate over reductions for rain-affected matches.

This was South Africa's first World Cup after their re-introduction into international cricket. A total of 9 teams took part in the tournament with all sides having to play each other. They were not divided into groups. The Cricket World Cup 1992 had 36 matches in the round robin stage. Top four teams qualified for the semis, wherein the best two teams went on to play the final.

The 1992 Cricket World Cup was won by Pakistan, under the captaincy of Imran Khan. They defeated England by 22 runs in a final at Melbourne Cricket Ground. New Zealand and South Africa were the other semifinalists.

Teams in Cricket World Cup 1992:

  • New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe, India, England, West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa

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