Most wickets by a bowler in one world cup tournament or series

Bowler (country)WktsMtsOvsRunsEco.BestWorld cup
Glenn McGrath (Australia)261180.53574.413/142007
Chaminda Vaas (Sri Lanka)231088.03313.766/252003
Muthaih Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)231084.43514.144/192007
Shaun Tait (Australia)231184.34675.524/392007
Brett Lee (Australia)221083.13944.735/422003
Glenn McGrath (Australia)211187.03103.567/152003
Brad Hogg (Australia)211182.53324.004.272007
Geoff Allott (New Zealand)20987.43253.704/371999
Shane Warne (Australia)201094.23613.824/291999

Note: Records upto 9th Cricket World Cup -2007.

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