Super Over

Super over method will be introduced in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. This method was implemented in the Twenty 20 World Cup matches for the first time to get a result. ICC had decided to implement this method from the quarter final of the world cup 2011.

If the match ends with the scores tied and there must be a winner, the tie is broken with a one over per side or "Super Over". Each team nominates three batsmen and one bowler to play a one-over per side.

In turn, each side bats one over bowled by the one nominated opposition bowler, with their innings over if they lose two wickets before the over is completed. The side with the higher score from their Super Over wins.

So far in ODI cricket, if teams end up on level scores, it goes to the record books as a tied contest and the points are share in case it is a round-robin encounter.

And in case of knockout stages, the previous records of the team – run rate, head to head in previous rounds, win/loss record against other opponents in previous rounds - throughout the tournament are calculated.

One such example is the enthralling semifinal encounter between Australia and South Africa during the 1999 mega event when Alan Donald misjudged a single. Wasn't it a just result that having beaten South Africa earlier in the tournament, Australia moved into the final.

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