Famous Quotes Of World Cup 2011

While India won the world cup, it had it own share of humor and emotions. Here are few of them:
  • “Only Sreesanth can control Sreesanth” – Dhoni
  • “You embarrass opposition & not your own team”- Dhoni to Sreesanth
  • “Tendulkar has carried the burden of nation for 21 years; It was time we carried him. Chak de India!” – Virat Kohli after winning World Cup
  • “Honi to anhoni karde, anhoni ko honi. Ek saath jab jamah ho teeno: Rajni, Ghajini & Dhoni”- AB tweet after WC victory
  • “Can I drop you somewhere?” – Comment on Kamran Akmal for his poor keeping
  • “Paki players buying tons of cream to protect themselves from YUVI rays” – via SMS before Indo-pak semi finals.
  • “Afridi: We won’t allow Sachin to score 100th 100. We will get all out on a score less than 94″ – via SMS before Indo-Pak semis
  • Manmohan Singh to Gilani after Pakistan defeat in semis: “Dekh saale isliye bulaya tha. Yeh dikhane ki baap baap hota hai aur beta beta”
  • “They indeed have a large heart, otherwise how can they drop so many catches”- Yuvraj on Afridi’s comment calling India a country with small heart.

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