Sachin Tendulkar Cricket farewell photos

Sachin Tendulkar played his last day of international cricket at the Wankhede, and after India sealed the series against West Indies, he delivered a very emotional speech.

India beat West Indies by an innings and 126 runs, but all the focus was on Tendulkar himself. After all the presentations were done, he was given the mic and he thanked a lot of people for what they had done to help him.

He started the speech by saying, ""All my friends. Settle down, let me talk. I'll get more and more emotional. My life in the 22 yards for 24 years. Hard to believe that wonderful journey is coming to an end. I want to thank all the important people in my life. I am carrying a list for the first time."

And he ended by saying, "I know my speech is getting long, but one thing I want to say. I want to thank all those people here. Your support was so dear to me and meant a lot to me. Whatever, you have done for me. I have met guys who fasted for me, or done things for me. I want thank you for all that. I will remember all that, especially "Sachin Sachin." If I have missed out on something, I hope you understand. Good bye."

The legendary Sachin Tendulkar got a memorable gift in his emotionally-charged farewell Test which lasted just about two and a half days as India crushed a hapless West Indies by an innings and 126 runs to complete a 2-0 whitewash in one of the most lopsided contests in recent history.

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